Poker razz odds calculator

With this tool you can estimate probability to win against opponent hands range in poker razz game.

Cards are A23456789TJQK. Card suits are not taken into account.

Your hand

Enter from 3 to 7 cards from your hand. (e.g. A23)

Opp visible hands

Enter from 1 to 4 cards from your opponent visible hand. (e.g. QK)

Opp hidden range

To define ranges for hidden opponent cards, enter cards ranges. Ranges can consist of one, two and three cards.
You can enter any number of ranges separeted by space (' '). The range patterns are following

  • X XX XXX means exact hand (e.g. 4 TJ 458)
  • X- XX- XXX- means from defined hand to the lowest one (e.g. 3- A4- 256-)
  • X+ XX+ XXX+ means from defined hand to the highest one (e.g. T+ 37+ 9TQ+)
  • X-X XX-XX XXX-XXX means between defined hands (e.g. 4-7 A4-34 257-589)
Exampe of ranges set 2- 23-56

Custom aggregation ranges

To eastimate statistics for wining hand ranges, enter ranges set here.
Ranges sets are separeted by semicolon(;). Inside range set ranges are separeted by space(' ').
Range must consist of 5 cards. Patterns are following: XXXXX XXXXX- XXXXX+ XXXXX-XXXXX. (e.g. A3456- 34567-6789T; AA234 AA223+; A2345)

Discard cards

To discard cards from the calculation enter from 1 to 32 cards. (e.g. KKKQJJJ)